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The Trauma behind being a Special Needs Parent

The Trauma behind being a Special Needs Parent

Discover proven self-care strategies to help overwhelmed trauma-surviving mamas reclaim their mental and emotional well-being. Read now to learn how to manage triggers and find more joy in motherhood. ...more

special needs parenting

June 27, 20244 min read

How to Bridge the Gap between Physical healing & Emotional healing in Postpartum

How to Bridge the Gap between Physical healing & Emotional healing in Postpartum

Do you want to find your true self again and navigate postpartum with more ease? Ready to ignite your postpartum recovery? I've got the solution for you to achieve that result. Let's dive in and uncov... ...more

Postpartum Recovery

June 27, 202410 min read

Nourishing the Nurturer: Self-Care Rituals for Trauma-Surviving Mamas

Nourishing the Nurturer: Self-Care Rituals for Trauma-Surviving Mamas

You know that you want your children's childhood to be different and much more positive than your growing-up experience, but how do you make that a reality? ...more

Stepping Stones

June 27, 20241 min read

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How We Serve

Mamahood After Trauma Podcast

Discover a sanctuary for healing and growth in motherhood with the Mamahood After Trauma Podcast hosted by Emily Cleghorn. Dive into candid discussions and practical tips on parenting amidst trauma recovery.

Join Emily and her guests as they navigate the complexities of raising children while prioritizing personal healing. Find solace, strength, and joy in the beautiful chaos of mamahood after trauma.

Rising from the Ashes: Reclaiming Your Life After a Traumatic Childhood

Break free from the shadows of your past trauma with 'Rising From the Ashes.' This book empowers mamas to reclaim their voices, rebuild self-worth, and embrace healing. Discover the tools you need to overcome past challenges and create a brighter future for yourself and your family.

Mended Mama Academy

Healing trauma is like peeling an onion. There are so many different layers that need restoration-- it requires caring for the whole person which can be incredibly overwhelming.
Inside the Mended Mama Academy, it’s not about peeling all the layers at the same time. It’s about allowing you to have the time and space along with the accountability, resources and support you need to peel the layers back 1 by 1 and create sustainable healing.

Why Work with Us?

At Mamahood After Trauma, we recognize the profound, often silent struggles that accompany maternal mental health. Dealing with maternal trauma adds another layer of complexity to the already demanding journey of mamahood. We see you, and we hear you.

We strive to create a space where you can feel safe and supported, where you can share your feelings without judgment and find the strength to heal at your own pace

At Mamahood After Trauma, you’re not just another client; you’re a person with a story that deserves to be heard and respected. We’re here to offer you the tools and support you need to navigate the challenges of maternal mental health. With the right help, it’s possible to reclaim your well-being and experience the joy of motherhood in a way that feels healthy and fulfilling.

Meet Coach Emily

Emily Cleghorn has a fire burning in her soul to make the world a better place and it’s not hard to see why.

If someone would have told her that she would use her trauma that she was enduring in her childhood to inspire and lift others up, she would have laughed you off.

Emily grew up in beautiful small town Nova Scotia, a place she couldn’t wait to get as far away from as soon as she was old enough to leave home. For her, where she grew up represented a lot of pain, disappointment and unmet promises. It represented a lot of limitation and toxic relationships.

She somehow found a strength deep within her to keep persisting. She was aware of the statistics for kids that grew up in similar situations and she made a decision early on that she was not going to be one of those statistics.

She was going to be different...

For Emily, mamahood has been a journey of learning how to regulate her own nervous system so she could teach her babies to do the same.

It hasn't been easy. That's why she created "Mama Untriggered" Private Podcast Series—a transformative 5-episode journey outlining the steps she took to help her calm her nervous system and reclaim her strength in mamahood that's completely changed the game for her!

It can do the same for you!

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